Homeopathy – Changing The Lives Of Our Children

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It is most unbearable to see the very frequent ineffective manner in which medicine addresses our children’s disease today. We continually hear stories about our kids being given mega doses of antibiotics and mind altering drugs like Ritalin.

It seems like a weekly event now, that you read yet another news headline of some teen shooting off their parent’s gun at school. Violence seems to be so common today in this country among its youth. It is logical to blame the violence on TV, video games, music, or poor parenting. Parents would like to believe that it is purely a biological issue, but we do see violence, hyperactivity and other behavioral problems stemming from unresolved family difficulties and bad parenting.

Violence or ADD/hyperactivity may be the child’s response to too little or too much parental control, chaos in the family and fighting between the parents. The child’s behavior will come as a response to the stress—through restless anxiety, spaciness, or perhaps as an attempt to solve the family situation. By acting out and drawing attention to himself he will bring together parents who can now focus on their “problem child” rather than their own relationship.

Bad parenting and the sensationalism of violence in our society definitely plays a part in behavioral problems, but in homeopathy we look deeper within the individuals to see that we have inherited predispositions to disease. These inherited weaknesses referred to as “miasms” often come from suppressing illnesses, both physical and emotional via medications from generation to generation. It is this underlying inherited weakness that can bring out the violent behavior. If these emotional weaknesses are not dealt with and remain suppressed, they lie dormant and can be passed on to our children.

A report of the latest statistics was recently reviewed in the National Center for Homeopathy’s article on behavioral problems in children. The breakdown of the most common childhood mental illnesses was listed as follows: Anxiety Disorder 13%, Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 10%, Depression 15%, Conduct Disorder 7%. It was mentioned that the number of children taking psychiatric meds was as high as 40% depending on the region. They noted that there are even children as young as one year old taking Ritalin and Prozac. In the short term, these medications may relieve some of the symptoms, but they cannot cure the underlying disease, and may have repercussions.

Autism, for example, is difficult to treat with any medication, but we have seen positive changes with homeopathy. Children become less aggressive, need less self-stimulation, are less ritualistic and communication is improved. Sometimes miracles do happen, and a child will return to their homeopath able to express themselves verbally. Homeopathy can fundamentally alter inherited weaknesses and relieve a patient from mental and emotional suppressed disease that can cause behavioral problems and violence.

Homeopathy is a safe, effective system of natural medicine used by millions of people worldwide for over 200 years. It is, and has been a source of medicine for the royal family of Britain for 6 generations.

Remedies are made from natural sources, animal, mineral or vegetable. Because they are potentized substances with an energy force, they are far more powerful than their original crude form. That energy force acts on our human vital force, bringing our system back into balance and the person then heals themselves naturally. It is a healing process in which the medicine stimulates and encourages the body’s own natural healing forces of recovery.

Homeopathy is concerned with the treatment of the whole person, as an individual, body, mind and spirit, rather than treating the disease alone. It is the goal of homeopathy to bring the person to a state of well being through constitutional prescribing.

One by one, we can make a difference for our children’s future.

Homeopathic remedies are very safe for babies, children, and the elderly. Homeopathy is a very powerful form of medicine and the use of remedies should not be taken lightly. Like all medicine, it is an art and it is best to seek professional guidance from a homeopathic practitioner or consultant.

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