Before automobiles, Homeopathic clients traditionally hand wrote and sent their symptoms to their Homeopath by horseback and messenger! Not every village had a Homeopath. The Homeopathic practitioner or Dr. would then evaluate the case and send the messenger back to deliver the remedy to the client.

In todays modern culture, we have the ability to offer care to our clients worldwide. We are no longer limited to an office, and no need for horseback!. With Skype, videos, WhatsApp, photos, telephone and text, we now have access to you anywhere or anytime.

Good homeopaths with many years of experience and knowledge are hard to find. Homeopathy is a profound system that takes years of study, practice and application. Its important to work with an experienced Homeopath.

Homeopathic practitioners do not diagnose. We work with the totality of your symptoms, along with your Drs. diagnosis to create a natural protocol for you to improve your overall health and condition.

We are able to provide homeopathic assistance in many situations, even without seeing the client in person.  We have successfully helped clients world-wide.
The key to success is to start by talking with you at some length as to determine a pattern of illness from which you or your child is suffering.  Once we fully understand your situation, a homeoathic remedy will be recommended, along with other possible nutritional supplements and detoxifying methods.
In homeopathic cases, the initial and extended conversation is essential in gathering your history and pertinent information for your file.  This usually takes around 1 hour, depending on the complexity of the situation.  We follow with 30 minute conversations for future analysis and conference time.  We will work with you in order to find the most appropriate remedy.
We accept credit/debit cards for this service, and will charge your account at the end of the consultation.