1. aconite nepalus 30c. This remedy is for the onset of croup. When the patient “all of a sudden” has a dry barky cough, normally with fever.

Place 4-6 pellets in a cup of filtered water and have the patient sip the water every 5-10 min. for the hour.

The cough will either improve, or stay the same.
If it improves, continue giving the aconite a sip per hour over 3 hours. If doesn’t go away, you will give either of the following 2 remedies.

2. spongia tosta 30c dry bark
3. hepar sulph. 30c. wet bark

Depending where the cough is.

Follow the same instructions as above in water. You may need to switch back and forth with the remedies depending where the patient is with the cough. If wet, hepar, if dry spongia, if fever comes back, aconite.

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