Homeopathic consultations for entire family, including pets

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is effective

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that is entirely natural. Homeopathy works on the basis that given the right stimulus, the body can overcome virtually any disease. This stimulus is provided in the form of an immensely diluted and potent remedy made from a totally natural source. The principle of "Law of Similars" which lies at the heart of homeopathic philosophy, states that substances that can cause symptoms in a healthy person can cure a sick person with similar symptoms.

The German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, developed homeopathic medicine in the late 1700's. His work has been expanded exponentially by continuing extensive clinical experience and research in this now global medical system. For more information on research on homeopathic
treatment see:

Homeopathy is precise

There are no routine prescriptions in homeopathy. Each homeopathic remedy is chosen to stimulate healing in each patient's unique constitution. The homeopath will interview the patient for up to two hours so that she can understand the state of health of the patient. Because illness represents a disharmony of the whole person, the interview will focus on physical, emotional and mental levels as well as family history. The homeopathic treatment is then perfected until the prescription is chosen, which catalyzes a fundamental improvement in that person's state of health and well-being.

Homeopathy is safe

Under the care of a well-trained homeopath, homeopathic remedies are safe and without harmful side effects. They are thoroughly and scientifically tested on healthy human volunteers. They are safe for pregnant women, infants and elders. No invasive methods are used.

Homeopathic treatment is deep-acting and long-lasting

Homeopathic treatment resolves the underlying cause of disease so that permanent restoration of health follows. Homeopaths aim to help their patients achieve freedom from limitations in their lives. Ideally, the patient will reach a level of health where he or she no longer depends on any medicine or therapy. People who have had homeopathic treatment generally find that their state of health and well-being has improved. They are better able to resist infection and have a greater sense of stability and individual purpose in life.

Holistic life coaching

A holistic life coach helps us understand those powerful emotional patterns that guide our relationship with food. You will be coached thru a journey addressing food, its qualities, its dangers of hidden ingredients and more. Jennifer also goes in great detail on how to keep a holistic home and keep toxins out of your life. Thru holistic coaching you learn tools on how to manage and run your home in a healthy manner in every aspect…Food, rhythms, products and more. Toxins are a main reason for cancer and there are many solutions to replace these toxic home products.

Emotional Integration

After over 15 years of private practice, American Homeopath Jennifer Vest-Dominguez has expanded her vision. For years Jennifer has documented and studied the behavior of the human, its thinking patterns and the physical impact that unresolved emotional issues can have on ones health and relationships in the world.
We focus on using homeopathy to heal and bring balance to the persons health, while using emotional integration to break old patterns that cause disease in the mind and body.

Jennifer teaches and promotes the application of a new “ thinkware” that helps people truly achieve healthy permanent shifts in their lives, leaving her clients feeling empowered by a new map of thinking and feeling.

On her personal journey of self achievement, she was surprised and amazed that after decades of being married, raising children, running international businesses, intense commitments to personal growth and health, the incorporation of spiritual practices and much more, that there could ever be anything that could have such a deep and lasting affect as the combination of homeopathy and emotional integrative work that she has experienced together. This work has had a deep and lasting effect on shifting some of our most stuck and obstinate patterns.

We feel very excited about this work and feel moved to share what we have been doing personally in our own lives and with our clients. If you feel ready to re-map some of your most well-traveled and rutted roads, that are no longer taking you on a desired path ….Then we invite you to join us.

ColorPuncture thru Auro-Soma

Aura-Soma is a holistic soul therapy in which visual and non-visual vibrations of color, crystals and natural aromas combine with light to harmonize body, mind and soul of humanity.

Healing Detoxing

Through colorpuncture on the acupuncture meridians we are able to balance chakras, shift the energy flow in the meridians, bring you into a balanced state of equilibrium, increase your self-awareness and create a harmonious sense of comfort around and within yourself. Since the advent of homeopathy in the 1800s, many remedies have been used to clear, cleanse, drain and detoxify the various body systems. This can be done during spring and summer using single remedies at varying potencies or as combination drainage remedies.
There are various things to consider before deciding which remedies to use.
- whole-food supplementation
- paleo lifestyle