1. Do not suppress coughs unless there is a problem getting oxygen go to the emergency room. Pediatrician Roy Benaroch, MD, writes in, “Coughing is there, usually for a reason.” He notes that almost all coughs result from upper respiratory infections caused by common, ordinary viruses like the common cold. Viral infections cause excess mucus to form throughout your “respiratory tree” — from your nose, down your throat, and deep into your airways and lungs. He says if that “warm sticky mucus” isn’t expelled by coughing it’s likely to attract bacteria, which reproduce easily and cause more inflammation and even more mucus.

2. If wet cough , give Expec natural cough expectorant

If the client is on a constitutional remedy, DO NOT GIVE THESE REMEDIES WITHOUT CONSULTING FIRST.

3. - Hepar sulph 30c 4 pellets 3 x a day for wet coughs with irritability .
- Spongia 30c for barky seal or dog coughs. Switch to Drosera if not better with spongia.
- Rumex for dry tickely throat coughs
- Bryonia for very dry hard deep chest coughs that are better when lying down.
Give 4 pellets 3 x a day . If cough is severe, you may need to give it every hour for a few hours, then as the cough lessons, give less remedy.

4. Boiron Chestal follow instructions on bottle.

5. Put a vaporizer in bedroom with 3 Tsps sea salt and 30 drops of colloidal silver, DO NOT PUT VICS VAPOR RUB IN VAPORIZER.

6. If you have a nebulizer, you can use it without the steroid. Just put a pinch of sea salt, and a few drops of colloidal silver into the same space you would put the steroid, and proceed with inhalations.

7. Upper respitory terrain, 1 ampule in a bottle of water, shake and give a sip periodically through out the day. OHM pharma 940-325-4797

For single homeopathic remedies contact Ohm Pharma at 940-325-4797 and indicate that I am your referring homeopath.