Childhood is a time of development and change. Homeopathy keeps development on the right track. A parent's job is to provide the child with proper nourishment and a supportive physical, emotional and spiritual environment. The homeopath's job is to facilitate the child's development through the bolstering of the immune system and the creation of greater harmony within the body.  The parent and the homeopath can work together to build an environment beneficial to the health of a child.

Specific stresses during the childhood can side-track development.  Some children have inherent or inherited tendencies that make them more sensitive to life's transitions.  Both physical stresses such as illnesses, hormonal changes and emotional stresses, such as family issues and peer pressure, can affect a child's development.  The results of these stresses can be seen in many ways, from allergies to fear and anxiety. Homeopathic treatment can help alleviate the symptoms caused by stressful situations.