Adult/Family Consultations

Homeopathy views health and illness in a holistic manner and this view is different from the standard, conventional approach which usually limits its concerns to individual symptoms. In working with the whole person the homeopath regards the mental and emotional as well as physical aspects as important. Consultations involve an in-depth interview and are one to two hours long.

As a homeopath I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any particular symptom, disease or condition. Instead, I work on increasing the general vitality and constitutional strength of those who seek my advice. I am a professional homeopath and not a medical doctor, and therefore those who work with me must retain the services of a primary care physician for appropriate evaluations and check-ups for themselves and/or their children.

Please contact me with any questions about homeopathy, or the way I work, or if you would like me to send you my fee schedule.